About us

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pivo-i-kobaja2Pub “Beer and sausage” is at new location in Vračar dountown, in Braničevska 1 street. Near by the Temple of Saint Sava, we have arranged place in Bavarian – Serbian style, with highlighted specific elements of both region.
Complete interior and exterior are reflected with special charm and positive energy that all generations are attracted to.

Top masters of our cuisine prepared just for you the best sausage you’ve ever had a chance to try.

“Beer and sausage ” is the German pub-type bar where you can enjoy from early morning with breakfast, with a wonderful view at the Temple of Saint Sava. During the day and in the evening, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere, where the real experts (beer drinkers) can enjoy in pop, rock and jazz music.On our menu you can expect sausage in small and large portions, such as Safalada, Wellhead hot, Domestic, Beer sausage, Cocktail sausage, Plate house with its rich content and many others. Also, the dark, cloudy and light poured beer, Leffe, Stella, Hoegaarden and others.

Lokal is open every day of the week, from 08-01h.
Telephone for reservations: 062 404 885

Your “Beer and sausage ”