Team building

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If you need an opportunity to get familiar, to hear the opinions of your colleagues, to feel how your team works, team buidling is an ideal opportunity to achieve these goals.

Beer and sausage inviting the company and their employees to strengthen team spirit, collegiality and to create better interpersonal relationships, with good entertainment, good food and interesting content that we offer.

Improve the efficiency and performance of your team, organize a celebration / meetings, in the pleasant atmosphere of our beer bar.

Get to know your employees, colleagues, through laughter, good music, good sausage, plenty of beer and special games that we have designed for you.

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rulet-tim-buildingRulet tequila 0.48l 3190din
Roulette Jack 0.48l 3490din
Jack it yourself!
Taq it yourself!

We offer a full service organization in order to create the perfect team building events which fit your needs!

Everything that happens in the “Beer and sausage ” stays in the “Beer and sausage “;)

Call us on 062 404 885 so we can arranged everything.


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